All ploughmen must observe safe working practices and be aware of spectators on the headlands.
Only Competitors, judges and stewards are allowed on the land. Spectators must keep to the headlands.
No assistance may be accepted, except for setting up sighting poles, but Youths may be advised from headlands.
All competitors must line up in the field by 9.00am to receive their instructions and draw for their places.
Work must not be started until a signal has been given by the Stewards. Ploughmen should complete their opening and wait for it be judged before completing their plot.
The time limit for ploughing is three hours after the openings have been judged. The final run can be completed if it has started. 5 points will be deducted if this time is exceeded.
Ploughing depth to be announced on the field. All land must be ploughed at full depth up to the headland.
If the adjacent ploughman has a bent opening a ploughman is allowed 2 runs to straighten without penalty.
On no account must any plough body be removed, or lifted out of its work.
Reversible ploughs must start with an opening split and a single furrow turned in the opposite direction.
Conventional Ploughs:-
  For furrow width up to 25cm the mould board must be no more than 90cm; for a furrow width over 25cm any length of mould board.
  After setting the ridge 2 furrow ploughs will gather 3 rounds and then throw out. Others will gather 2 rounds.
  Rolling of opening furrows is not permitted.